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Many claim Buck Island earns the title as the best and most popular tourist attraction on St. Croix. The entire island rests just a few miles from the north shore of St. Croix, just far enough away to make for a pleasant short cruise from downtown Christiansted. The island itself lies under the control of the Unites States National park service. This not only includes the land, but the surrounding water as well. On the east end of Buck Island snorkelers explore an underwater park complete with monuments explaining the coral and marine life passing before your eyes. The National Park Service says “Buck Island Reef National Monument was established to preserve "one of the finest marine gardens in the Caribbean Sea." The park is one of a few fully marine protected areas in the National Park System. The 176-acre island and surrounding coral reef ecosystem support a large variety of native flora and fauna, including the hawksbill turtle and brown pelican.” While most trips to Buck Island concentrate on the snorkeling, treat yourself to some time on the island itself, where you will find some wonderful hiking.

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